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Lily C is going by Guerlain on this one, a nice artsy video scene from Young Legal Porn. The quality of both the photos and videos at this site and their sister property 18 Only Girls is second to none. Some of the pictures are as large as 6-8MB a piece for example, and this video is in full 1080p HD with a very high bitrate.

The results of such high definition are gorgeous, just like young Guerlain here. This scene is called Gorgeous in Red, but by the time we catch up with her she’s already stripped out of whatever was red on top and is now wearing a white bra that she’s tugging at, eager to free herself from its restrictive confines. Tough life. Her skirt is red though.

Guerlain Stripping Out of See Through White Bra and Panties

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Young Legal Porn : .WMV, 17:51, 826MB, 1920×1080 HD, 11,000k

It’s a pretty cool bra that Lily C is wearing actually, it’s see through in parts, has a white diamond pattern on top of the sheer material, and it’s tight like a sports bra. Supportive, a woman might say. Not that Guerlain has a lot to support here, though I love her breasts myself, perfectly natural and perky.

She removes her bra and moves her hands down her body, slowly doing away with her red dress or skirt hard to say which, and a pair of white panties that she’s sporting. We can see her beautiful ass, and the tip of one of her high heels as she struggles a bit to get her panties unstuck from it.

Looks like this is Guerlain aka Lily C. in the banner below too, judging by the looks of her. Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure. Plus this site has a bunch of content of her, so it’s more than likely.

Young Legal Porn

Lily C Raisa Nude with Pussy Closeups

Lily C. is known simply as Raisa at Errotica Archives where this scene originates from. She’s posing in a ripped white cotton t-shit and frilly panties before getting totally nude against the rustic wooden stable background. Some really nice pussy closeups in this scene. She’s got a great looking thick pussy with fat big pussy lips.

Lily C Ripped Clothes

Hi Lily C. I mean Raisa. Funny to see you here, what a coincidence. How’s things? Oh and why are your clothes ripped?

Lily C Bare Breasts

I see. You’re baring your breasts to me. Are you making a pass at me, young lady? Can you look a bit cuter, perhaps?

Lily C Sunlight

Okay, yeah, that’ll do it. Looking cute now in the sunlight. Piercing, your eyes are, might make an innocent man feel guilty.

Lily C Spreading Legs

Jesus, Raisa! Where’d your frilly panties go?! Kinda slutty on a first date, don’t you think? Nice shoes by the way.

Lily C Open Pussy

What are you trying to do to me here?! Kneeling down, showing your open pussy like that… The things I want to do to you!

Lily C Spreading Pussy

I love how you’re spreading your pussy like that Lily, it’s really turning me on. You’ve got some big pussy lips, I do say!

Lily C Legs

Happy to see more, lovely legs too. Look at the definition on this calves, beautiful.

Lily C Pussy Lips

Mind if I get a lot closer? I want to see those pussy lips up close. They’re huge! Meat curtains! Shit, did I say that out loud?!

Lily C High Heels

I was expecting a slap but you’re not even mad… You might just be the perfect woman, Lily C.

Lily C Tight Ass

Good idea. I’ve hardly had a chance to see your sexy tight ass yet. What have you been waiting for? Kind of rude of you…

Lily C Smooth Pussy

Alright this more than makes up for it. I see you’ve shaven your perfect pink pussy, and just for me? You shouldn’t have.

Lily C Butt

…but I’m happy you did! What a plump vagina, looks prime and ripe for a pumping. Cool horse stable by the way, secluded.

Lily C Brunette

I love your long brown hair too, you make a great brunette. Don’t dye your hair okay? Pretty please?

Lily C Naked

Just hanging out I see. Are you getting bored Raisa?

Lily C Squatting

Squatting? Really? Can you just come over here and fuck me already? I’m like, aroused and stuff. Dick on swole.

Lily C Ass

There we go Lily C. Just a little further, sit down on my lap here, I have a little package waiting for you here in my pants. Love the pussy closeups in this set!

Lily C Raisa aka Guerlain aka Lily C. Bio and Intro

Anything written about Lily C Raisa and her many other names (Guerlain and Lily C. being the most common) is likely the fiction of some pornographer and not the truth, so I’ll suffice it to say that we know not much at all about her. She’s from the Ukraine, and speaks Ukrainian, and that’s pretty much the end of that.

One thing is for sure, Lily C is a friend of the photo lens. This girl knows how to look great in front of a camera, or perhaps doesn’t need to know how because it just happens so naturally. I saw a few photos of her and knew I had to make a blog.

Now I haven’t got into too many initial bearing solo girls for my blogs yet, but I see no reason to avoid it here. What a broad! So sexy.

On to the Lily C. photos and videos, shall we? Or is it Raisa? Or Guerlain? All of the above, really.

Lily C

Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 104lb / 48kg
Measurements: 34A-24-35
Country: Ukraine
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: May 11th, 1989
Implants: No
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


Lily C is a stunning cute brunette from the Ukraine, and she's been making her way across all the top nude art photography sites in the world for the past year, since the summer of 2011. She's incredibly sexy, but there isn't much info about her due to the language barrier. Also known as Lily C Raisa and many other names like Guerlain, Natalia E and more.


Lily C Raisa
Lilly C
Anastasia (Art Lingerie)
Guerlain (Wow Girls, 18 Only Girls)
Raisa (Errotica Archives, MPL Studios)
Natalia E (FemJoy)
Dominika (Amour Angels)

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
- Masturbation
- Girl / Girl
- Handjobs
- Blowjobs
- Hardcore Sex
- Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

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